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GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

The GPS Tracking App allows to read and show your localy saved data. Store your data safe and in all confidentiality on your phone.

Save your trips (car, pedestrain, ...). Calculates your tracks, compares trips and other incredible functions.

Challenge yourself by trying to get faster every time by running ... or car racing!

    GPS Sender
GPS Sender

GPS Position Sender

Free Andoid application to track GPS positions and send the coordinates by SMS messages without internet connection to another smart phone. This App includes sending an immediate SOS alert message.

Think environamental and use your old Android Smart Phone back to 2012. Only a phone with SIM card for SMS sending possibility is required.

    GPS Sender
GPS Receiver

GPS Position ReCeiver

Free Android application to receive and show the GPS coordinates by SMS messaging on your Android Phone from any mobile device using the application GPS Position Sender.

The Applications shows the daily tracks on a map with a history of one month.

Usable for Android Smart Phones back to 2012.

You want to store your activities like running, hiking, moving with your car and having full hand on your data?

We are offering the free GPS Tracking App for download from the Google Play Store during our launch phase! Do not miss it!

Do you find yourself in situations where having a reliable GPS location device could come in handy?

We offer in addition an easy-to-use, dedicated app for sending and receiving coordinates over SMS with no internet connection needed (see GPS Sender and GPS Receiver Application). With our software, you can easily share your exact location calculated by GPS satellites to anyone when your cellular signal is weak or unavailable. Our SOS alert feature also helps keep those closest to your heart safe by notifying them of any emergency notifications sent out by the app.

GPS Technical Software offers

  • reliable and high-quality software
  • designed to provide safety, security, and efficiency
  • Our innovative product

  • allows you to easily read coordinates from SMS messages,
  • SOS alerts,
  • and tracking data in order to show accurate results on maps.
  • By using our software solution you can also quickly find out

  • the exact locations of e.g. your vehicles or
  • people in real-time position
  • so that you can make decisions swiftly and effectively.

    Plus, our technology is compatible with even older Android phones dating back to 2012! See Mobile Phone Requirement for mor information.

    Whether it's while travelling off the grid, exploring remote locations, or just needing peace of mind during daily recordal life- our tech ensures you will never be lost!

    We support the Open Street Map Foundation - Why do we use OSM?

    Open Street Map Foundation

    To simplify and concentrate on your trips, we use the Open Street Maps as a free service. Google Maps (and Microsoft / Bing Maps) are payable services by which we have to pay by every click you do with our application! We do not want to charge you any money for the use of our applications.

    Google Maps relies on data gathered by Google's fleet of Street View cars and satellite imagery, as well as third-party data providers. On the other hand, OpenStreetMap is a collaborative mapping project, where users contribute their own data and verify and update existing information. Another significant difference is the licensing of the mapping data. Google Maps' data is proprietary, and its usage is subject to Google's terms and conditions. OpenStreetMap, on the other hand, utilizes an open database and is licensed under the Open Database License.

    Finally, OpenStreetMap has the advantage of offering offline access to its map data. Users can download maps of specific regions and use them without an internet connection. This feature is particularly useful in areas with limited connectivity or for users who prefer to conserve data usage.

    Don't worry, we have integrated already Google Mapy in our Tracking PRO application which will be available with other interesting features in the future! Neverless we promise that there will always be a free version "LITE" without any charge!