GPS Technical Software

Imprint, Disclaimer, Legal Notices and Other General Terms/Conditions of Use for End User Licensed Applications

1. Imprint

The website and the offered applications/software, as they currently stand, are for personal interest only and do not have any commercial purpose for the time being. Therefore, an ‘imprint’ and general terms and conditions (GTC) are not required.

The following passages are intended to protect intellectual property or to avoid other potential risks for the webmaster. GPS-TS is an abbreviation for ‘Global Position System Technical Software’ and has nothing in common with other or similar names on the web. ‘GPS-TS’ is used as an abbreviation for this website.

2. Ownership / Copyright

GPS-TS reserves all ownership rights to the website. This includes the copying of codes and web content, even in part. Copying, reproduction, or other use is strictly prohibited. French and German law is used to protect the author’s intellectual property, which regulates the rights of use and the protection of intellectual property. In the event of any infringement of ownership rights, even in part, we reserve the right to take legal action at any time in accordance with the law to protect intellectual property.

3. Disclaimer / Warranty Disclaimer

For free applications/software, a general exclusion of liability and warranty applies under German law.

Although GPS-TS takes the greatest care and caution to take all precautions for the content with regard to accuracy and correctness, errors in the text and/or graphic content are possible and can therefore occur in the publication/publication on the web. The same applies to delivered text or documentation, as well as the application/software itself. In no case can GPS-TS be held liable for direct or indirect damages of any kind (data loss, virus attacks on the user, access blocking, damage claims, etc.). This applies to web content as well as to the use of the products offered. GPS-TS is not liable in any case for personal injury, direct or indirect consequential damages. GPS-TS is also not liable for damages caused by possible data loss or possible commercial damages or losses arising from or in connection with the use or inability to use the application/software. This also applies if GPS-TS has been informed of the possibility of such damages. Since some jurisdictions do not allow liability limitations, GPS-TS’s total liability for all damages is limited to a maximum of 50.00 EUR (fifty euros). The above limitations also apply if the above-mentioned remedy fails its essential purpose. The application/software may not be used in countries subject to a US embargo or by persons listed on the “Specially Designated Nationals List” of the US Department of the Treasury or the “Denied Persons” of the US Department of Commerce. By using the licensed application, you represent and warrant that you are not in such a country or on such a list.

On the other hand, the user/customer of the service and/or the products is obliged to implement and check updates and installation instructions that are communicated to him/her.

4. Legal validity of this disclaimer

This disclaimer is to be regarded as part of the internet publication which you were referred from. If parts or individual provisions of this text do not, do not fully or no longer correspond to applicable law, the content and validity of the remaining portions of the document shall remain unaffected.

5. Links, hypertext and external services

GPS-TS does not check the content or similar of linked external websites. GPS-TS therefore formally disclaims any responsibility for issues arising in connection with linked pages. This also applies to actions such as scripts or similar, whose activation depends solely on the user. The licensed application may allow access to services and websites from licensors and/or third parties (together and individually “external services”, e.g. Google applications and program modules). You agree to use the external services at your sole risk. The licensor is not responsible for checking the content of third-party external services. You agree not to use the application/software and external services to harass, abuse, stalk, threaten or defame any person or organization.

6. Services

The products and services are described and offered on the GPS-TS website. These include Android applications and other computer software that are partially offered for free. The responsibility for the download lies with the user/buyer. Whatever the user/buyer does with the purchased product is not the responsibility of GPS-TS. The technical requirements for using the application/software are described on the GPS-TS website and should be checked before using the application/software. The user/customer agrees that they may not be able to access the application and/or the application may not function properly if the user’s device does not meet the technical requirements of the application.

he user installs and uses the application/software at their own risk. GPS-TS, as the owner of the application, does not guarantee the user/customer that the application will function properly on their device, that the application is error-free, or that the application meets the user’s expectations. GPS-TS, as the developer of the applications/software, has tested them on some physically existing devices and appropriate simulators. The customer/user is responsible for all actions related to the use of the application/software, including changing the exported or imported files/data from the application. GPS-TS is not responsible for any possible loss or damage to data that may occur due to the user’s violation of the terms of the agreement. The applications/software may not be suitable or available for use in any particular location.

7. Privacy Policy / Personal Data / Privacy Policy

GPS-TS strives to collect as little data as possible for its applications/software. GPS-TS’s goal is to avoid advertising and associated “data collection”, even anonymously, and to not share it. However, GPS-TS may request personal data (via email or the application/software itself) to perform corresponding software activations or to protect the application/software itself with an access code on the user/customer’s device. Storage can take place either exclusively on the user/customer’s device or via the internet/email to GPS-TS. This is then displayed on the application/software or on the screen before execution, and the data is stored digitally at GPS-TS for functionality and possible assistance for the customer in accordance with the relevant German legal provisions. This personal data is used exclusively internally at GPS-TS. The user/customer can request the deletion of the data at any time.

In general, if not otherwise specified (see GPS-TS website), the data is exclusively stored on the end device (mobile phone, tablet, etc.). Therefore, data exchange or data storage, or data backup, is not carried out between the application/software and a GPS-TS server (or the internet).

he GPS-TS website does not use its own cookies. Only the visitor’s IP address with the corresponding date and time is stored when accessing our website. GPS-TS cannot be held liable for any cookies that the respective browser uses independently of the GPS-TS website. The cookies can be deactivated in the settings of the respective browser used. This is the responsibility of the user/customer.

8. Terms of Use / End User License Agreement (EULA)

GPS-TS produces software among other things. Applications/software are licensed to you, not sold. In the course of this service, GPS-TS does not grant the customer/user the right to reproduce, modify, distribute or otherwise alter the software. The services offered by GPS-TS, including the ability to use the software’s functionalities, are exclusively services. If necessary due to the use of the applications or software, the customer/user is obliged to provide all information required for registration truthfully. The customer/user is prohibited from using GPS-TS’s services in any form of abuse. The customer is responsible for taking appropriate measures to prevent malfunctions of the application/software or to minimize their consequences (correctly terminating the software when not in use, providing sufficient storage and technology, especially mobile phones with the appropriate Android version and data backup according to the state of the art). If the user/customer violates legal regulations in connection with the use of the applications/software, the customer/user shall hold GPS-TS harmless against all resulting claims of third parties.

By using the application/software on the customer/user’s device (mobile phone, tablet, PC or similar), the conditions set out on this page are deemed accepted and concluded. At least when using the application/software for the first time, the user is informed of this fact. If the user/customer does not agree with the conditions or a new version of them, the user can terminate these conditions with the owner of the application, here GPS-TS, by discontinuing the use of the application.

GPS-TS provides the user who accepts the present conditions with a non-exclusive license worldwide and for the duration of the exclusive right to use the application, without the right to sublicense, free of charge (if the application/software is free). The license granted to the user by the owner of the application for the use of the application can be revoked by the rights holder at any time. GPS-TS may, but is not obliged to, inform the user of such termination or intention to terminate the license.

9. General

The general terms and conditions apply to all services provided by GPS-TS to customers. Conditions of the customer for a possible business relationship are expressly excluded, even if they are submitted by the customer. Further information that can be viewed on the GPS-TS website is part of these terms of use. We are not obliged and not willing to participate in a consumer conciliation procedure.

10. Cease and desist letter

If the content, product (in this case the applications/software), or presentation of these pages violates the rights of third parties or legal provisions, please send us a corresponding message without a cost note to our email address as described above. The removal of a possible infringement of protective rights emanating from these pages by the rights holders themselves may not take place without our consent. We guarantee that the passages rightfully objected to will be removed immediately without the need for you to engage a legal representative.

We will fully reject any costs possibly incurred by you without prior contact and reserve the right to file a counterclaim for violation of the aforementioned provision.

Further provisions are deposited with the download of the applications/software in the Google Play Store and must be observed.

As of January 12, 2023