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SOS GPS Tracker Sender Application

GPS Sender - sends Your Positions By SMS

GPS Sender
    GPS Sender

Install this free App on your phone to send your current GPS coordinates without internet connection.

Functionality: GPS Sender App (this Android application) > ... sends one or more SMS ... > GPS Receiver App

  • Position sending by SMS
  • No Internet necessary
  • Use your old Android phone with a cheap SIM card (e.g. SMS only)
  • Tracking and SOS message for e.g. mountaineers
  • Track your car, motorcycle, truck or van if moved. Receive an alert by SMS.
  • Environment: Use your old Smartphone!
  • Compatibility 4.4 (API 19) Android Kit Kat 2013 and all newer APIs / Android versions.
  • Both Apps (GPS Sender & GPS Receiver are free of advertising!
  • Security: No data is shared or stored on any webserver, except your phone!
  • Get also the GPS Receiver App to read the position from another Android phone.

    OUR TIP: for sports, car and other activities, get out free GPS Tracking App!

    Sender Menun

    Main Menu

    immidiate Position

    GPS Position Trigger and immidiate Position Sending

    SMS Alert Position

    SOS / Alert Position sending with special SOS message

    SMS Trigger

    Define your settings for SMS TRigger and the phone number where to send your messages

    SOS message

    Example of SMS messages and SOS message sent by the GPS Sender Application