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GPS Tracking - Stores your Currents Positions on your Device

GPS Sender
    GPS Sender

Install this ultimate free App on your phone to track your trips by the current GPS positions by saving them on your device.

The GPS Tracking LITE has great functions as geologger, where you manage your trip data yourself!

  • Visualize your trips with graphical representations of your speed and altitude against time.
  • Challenge yourself by running or racing against a saved trip and improve your performance in a fun way!
  • Store your data, making it easy to view your trip history and statistics.
  • Just use as a permanent tracker on nearly any Android Phone: SIM card not necessary.
  • Customize the app settings to suit your preferences.
  • Export your trip data to compare them e.g. in Microsoft Excel.
  • Automatically split your tracks into pedestrian and car sub trips, providing more accurate data for each mode.
  • Environment: Use your old Smartphone!
  • Compatibility 8.0 (API 26) Android Oreo 2017 and all newer APIs / Android versions.
  • The App is free of advertising!
  • Security: No data is shared or stored on any webserver, except your phone!
  • OUR TIP: for alert & SOS massaging, get our free Android apps GPS Sender and GPS Receiver!

    GPS Tracking Menue

    Main Menu

    GPS Positions

    GPS Positions of a Trip

    Tracking Trip

    Whole Trip and its Information

    GPS Tracking Details

    Get detailed Information about your Trips!

    GPS Tracking Trip Split

    Splits the GPS Tracking Position into detailed Trips.

    Graph View

    Shows detailed Trip information about Distance, Speed and other!

    Special Trips

    Store partly trips in different Categories.

    Trip Challenge

    Run against a Trip you have done before.


    Adjust your settings