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SOS GPS Tracker Receiver Application

GPS Receiver - ReceiveS and ShowS Your Positions By SMS

Install this free App on your phone to receive and show the current GPS coordinates from another Android mobile device.

Functionality: GPS Sender App > ... sends one or more SMS ... > GPS Receiver App (this Android application)

  • Reads and shows tracking or SOS messages sent by the GPS Sender App
  • Sends automatic SMS when moving
  • Direct SOS button & message for e.g. mountaineers
  • Tracking your trip
  • Track your car, motorcycle, truck or van if moved. Receive an alert by SMS.
  • Environment: Use your old Smartphone!
  • Compatibility 4.4 (API 19) Android Kit Kat 2013 and all newer APIs / Android versions.
  • Both Apps (GPS Sender & GPS Receiver are free of advertising!
  • Security: No data is shared or stored on any webserver, except your phone!
  • Get also the GPS Sender App to the sent position to another Android phone.

    OUR TIP: for sports, car and other activities, get out free GPS Tracking App!

    Receiver Menu

    Main Menue

    Data List

    Storage of up to 31 days of tracking data.

    Map 1

    First (green) and last (red) Position of the daily data set.

    Map 2

    Shows your actual position (blue).

    SOS message

    Example of SMS messages and SOS message imported by the GPS Receiver Application