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Smart Phone Requirements

Which Mobile Phone Works with Our Apps?

GPS Tracking in the Mountains

Mobile Phone equirements for GPS Position Sender APP (TRACKER SENDER):

  • running Android on your Cellular Phone
  • min. Android API 19 (Kit Kat4.4)
  • any SIM-card for your phone able to send SMS
  • NOTE: Best to use a cheap provider with allows "unlimited" SMS messages. Some provider call their offer "unlimited", but SMS sending is only allowed by a maximum of phone numbers to one phone number (mostley 500 per day per phone number).

    GPS Sender

    GPS Sender App

    This application shows your current position and sends your position using the internal GPS sensors to another mobile device.

    GPS Receiver

    GPS Receiver App

    This application allows to get the positions received via SMS from the application "GPS Position Sender" from another mobile device.

    GPS Receiver

    GPS Tracking App

    A hugh functionality application to track and store your trips, when you move arround doing sports, car driving or other activities.