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GPS Tracking in the Mountains

The Global Positioning System (GPS), which is set up by the earth's surrounding satellites, allows recognizing your actual position on earth. Nearly every older smartphone consists out of GPS signal receiver sensors. So why not using this capabilities for a GPS tracking device on those old smart phones? Several interesting things can be done and it is quite simple to handle with mobile devices.

The "happening" which drove us to create GPS applications and this website was the sad story of a lost German mountaineer who accidentialy slipped down several hundred meters from the mountain Hochkalter (2.607m) nearby the village Ramsau in the the Alpes close to Berchtesgarden in September 2022. The sad story is, that he was able to make two phone calls to the emergency explaining in which situation he was and roughly where in the mountains, but nobody were able to locate himself or his mobile phone! The weather turned bad and even finding his backpack after 4 days, the German Bergwacht was unable to find him and stopped the rescue research after 6 days due to heavy weather conditions. He sadly died at meanwhile temperatures of -15 Degrees Celsius and heavy snow. His body was found 4 weeks later some hundreds meters below his found backpack.

So what would happend, if he had a simple application installed on his phone to submit a SMS (Short Message Service) in this emergency situation? Note, he could make two phone calls, so SMS sending could have been possible.

Avoid a kind of this situation and install the free application "GPS Position Sender" on your phone!

GPS Sender

GPS Position Sender

This application shows your current position sends your position using the internal GPS sensors to another mobile device.

GPS Receiver

GPS Position Receiver

This application allows to read the positions received via SMS from the application "GPS Position Sender".